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Buenos Aires to Cordoba


After months of planning, preparing, and organizing we have finally embarked with our little family in the camper on our road trip from Argentina to Montana! We could never have left without the help of Tomas’s family, especially his mom Raquel, and brothers Andres, Pablo, Santi, and especially Gisella and Flor who helped immensely by playing with Eva and Coco so we could get all of our packing and organizing done! It was very emotional saying goodbye to them, and to all our friends and family in Buenos Aires, as we’ve grown very close over the last three years. We hope to be able to return soon!

This was a difficult trip to pack for because not only are we bringing everything we need for the next year, but the things we need are for different climates, terrains, and seasons...

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Introduction to Camper Clan

What is project Camper Clan? It’s our family of four – Tomas, Dylan, Eva, and Coco –  following a crazy dream to drive from Buenos Aires, Argentina (where we currently live) to Missoula, Montana (where we plan to set down our roots) in a Ford Ranger and pulling a small camper trailer…. and taking a year to do it!

We are a family that will always be living between two worlds, as Tomas is from Argentina and Dylan is from the US. Our two kids enjoy the perks of both nationalities and will grow up speaking both English and Spanish. So in a way, we see this trip as bridging our two worlds and hopefully bringing them closer together.

That’s where you come in. Wether you hail from the north or the south, you are a part of our clan...

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Family First

We first moved to Buenos Aires in August 2010, three months after our first child was born. Tomas had just taken a job with Blizzard Entertainment which was based here, and for him it was a great opportunity to move us closer to his family and return to the city of his birth. For me, I was pretty nervous about starting all over from scratch, especially in a foreign country in which I had only a tentative knowledge of the language – and with a newborn baby to care for with no idea how to navigate this new locale! Needless to say, it was some pretty rough sailing in the first year, and Tomas working long hours in a high-stress job didn’t help – especially after our second child was born.

But we knew the move would be temporary, as the long term plan was always to return to the States at some...

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Pick Our Route

Some of the most-asked questions we get from folks when we tell them about the trip we’re preparing for are along the lines of “Which route are you taking?” and “What countries are you going to?” To be honest, we haven’t thought that far ahead! We hope you will follow along with us on our journey and help us get there by nominating and voting on our upcoming destinations or routes.

On June 17th the journey begins, and we’d like YOU to tell US which way we should go. Help us pick by using the voting buttons below!

And don’t forget – if there are there any great camping or hiking spots we just can’t miss out on, let us know in the comments!

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Our New Digs


When we first started telling friends and family about our idea return to the U.S. driving and that we’d be doing it with a small camper trailer, many couldn’t fathom how we’d survive living in 75 square feet with our little family of four. Even the smallest houses and flats available for modern-day living – which are ideal for singles or couples – start at 90 square feet. The truth is, I’m not sure how this is going to go either, especially given that our little Coco still takes 1-2 naps a day. But I like to think of our new living situation as a step up from tent camping, so our living room is going to be the outdoors!

In reality, we have all the basic necessities covered...

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