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Border Crossing: Mendoza to Chile

Wait time at border: approx. 3 hours

Paperwork Needed:

–       Passports

–       Certified copies of our kids’ birth certificates

–       Car Registration (in one of our names)

–       Camper trailer registration (in one of our names)

FB IMG_5579 (1)

A view from the top as we stop near the border with our camper in tow

Crossing the Andes mountain range – the second tallest in the world – is nothing to take lightly. But crossing the Andes with a one ton camper trailer pulled by a 4-cylinder truck from the 90’s complete with two screaming active toddlers could be thought of by some as downright mad.

Which is exactly how I would characterize the first border crossing of our big overland trip from Buenos Aires to Montana...

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