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Introducing The World Record Family!

One Family, ANOTHER Dream: To Break a World Record

We just couldn’t leave well enough alone… couldn’t quite find it in us to get back into the rat race after our yearlong road trip across the Americas. So we decided to do something even bigger – attempt to break the world record for the longest electric bicycle trip! The current record is held by a Canadian who biked over 4,000 miles across Canada. So we’re going to up the ante and traverse over 6,000 miles of scenic and historic landscapes in the Continental US. Our route will take us from Montana to Maine, then south to Florida. But winter is coming, so we need to get this show on the road!

Why electric bicycles?

Well, in truth we are hippies at heart, and would love to see more people get out of their cars, not only to reduce polluti...

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The End of the Overland Life for Camper Clan?


One Last Border Crossing

Our journey through Mexico was a long, hot race across the desert. While we wished we could have spent more time soaking up the warm Mexican sun and dining on the cuisine that had come to remind us of home over the years (a concept that has long ceased to be defined by place), we had made a commitment to be back in the US for Overland Expo, the yearly convergence of world travelers like us who live for the open road.

Mexico felt like one long, dusty freeway after passing through so many smaller countries which required border crossing after border crossing – endless lines, uncertainties, beaurocracies, and paperwork. “Do we have to cross another border today?” Eva would ask. “I don’t like borders, mama.” Neither do I...

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Hire Us!

We Can Help Your Business Succeed Online.

One of the most common questions we get as we have traveled the world is – how do you fund your adventures? No, we are not independently wealthy. Besides living cheaply and saving, saving, saving, we also work from the road.

Meet Tomas

Screen Shot 2014-07-03 at 3.35.51 PM

Tomas has worked with some of the biggest names in video¬†games, and has built a following for brands using traditional as well as web marketing through SEO and social media. And by the way, he’s also an accomplished photographer (check out our Instagram account).

You can view his resume here.

Meet Dylan

dylan drake

Dylan has been helping clients with branding, identity, and web design and development for the past 6 years, and previously worked for seven years in the publishing industry where she developed a keen sense...

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