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Week Two: Cut Bank to Wolf Point, Montana on Electric Bicycle

Week 2: August 30th – Sept 5

Cut Bank to Wolf Point, Montana

Total Miles: 354


Off-Road On the Electric Bicycle

The highlight of week two of our world record family adventure was definitely our stay with Dylan’s uncle Mark and his wife Christi who are farmers and ranchers on a piece of land that has been in her family for generations. The farm is located a few miles from Chester, a small town on US Highway 2, and right off the only dirt road in the United States that accesses a border crossing (Whitlash crossing, 30 miles to the north). This proved to be our first chance to test the electric bicycle off-road as Tomas pedaled eight miles across thick gravel, dodging grain trucks spewing dust and flying pebbles the whole way...

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Week One: Missoula to Cut Bank, Montana on Electric Bicycle

Week 1: August 23rd – 29th

Missoula, Montana to Cut Bank, Montana

Total Miles: 261


And We’re Off!

Departure day arrived and along with it the coldest, wettest, most dreary weather we had seen since we arrived in Missoula in July. But we couldn’t delay another day to begin our world record attempt for the longest electric bicycle ride! Because as some of you may know… winter is coming! And we have a lot of ground to cover in the northern tier of the US. 

As any great family adventure should, we started our electric bicycle tour surrounded by family and friends. The takeoff point was the Clark Fork Market, a summers-only farmer’s market held every Saturday morning in Missoula...

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Thanks to Our Kickstarter Supporters!


Thank You, Gracias, Merci Beaucoup, Obrigado!!!

We’ve been traveling like crazy trying to chip away at the miles towards breaking the world record for the longest e-bike ride, but we wanted to make sure we take a moment to thank everyone who believed in us enough to share our story or donate towards our Kickstarter campaign to fund the documentary we are filming.

As I type the below names, I am truly humbled that so many of you out there took the time, effort, or put down some hard-earned cash towards making the documentary happen – our hearts are truly thankful! We are finding that touring on an electric bicycle as a family is just as tough as on a traditional bike – you just go farther and have a ton of batteries to charge along the way! But we love our overland family adventure, and a...

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Why You Should Adventure Travel with Your Kids


So you have a toddler – perhaps still in diapers – and you are thinking about adventure traveling with him or her. Your first worries are the practical ones: what if they get sick? How can I make sure they get the medical care they need? But once you finally get past that stage and you believe that you as parents can keep your children safe, next comes the biggest adventure killer of all – and we hear it over and over. You’re wasting time and money and your toddlers (our children are 2 and 4) will not remember a thing they’ve seen or experienced, and we should saved the adventures for when they are old enough to remember it.

Well, we believe otherwise, and here are the main reasons why we like to take our toddlers with us on our adventures.

Check out our video of our kids hiking through ...

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