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7 Alternative Christmas Trees for a Green Christmas


So you gave to Greenpeace this year… but what are using for your Christmas Tree?

Maybe you spend your entire year painstakingly recycling every piece of paper, plastic, aluminum, or tin piece of material you come in contact with even if it means shoving it in your purse until you find a recycling bin. But then comes the end of the year and you find yourself throwing all your green sensibilities out the window for the sake of our most beloved tradition – the yearly Christmas tree. Perhaps you hold dear those childhood memories of trudging through a snowy tree farm with your dad in search of that perfectly-shaped tree, and standing dutifully by as he sawed it down and drug it to the car. Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without a real pine tree in the living room!

Unfortunately, with ...

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Week Four: Crossing North Dakota on Electric Bicycle

Week 4: September 13th – Sept 19th

Medora, North Dakota to Fargo, North Dakota

Total Pedaled This Week: 350

Total Miles to Date: 1,144


Summary of route:

Week four found us pedaling along (or on)  I-94 straight east, and it took us a week to cover the entire state of North Dakota. After a few hard pedaling days trying to take side roads that followed the freeway in the previous week, Tomas decided he preferred to ride his e-bike on the freeway shoulder rather than lose time and tires dealing with muddy or dusty gravel roads or unsafe side roads. Though this may seem dangerous, in this case it was actually safer because highway 94 through North Dakota has a nice wide shoulder with grooves between the right lane and the shoulder to alert drivers if they begin to drift...

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