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Getting Philosophical and Feeling Sad About Goodbyes


Crossing a river on a rickety bridge near Villarica, Paraguay

We never originally planned to pass through Chaco, Argentina and Borja, Paraguay on our overland trip from Buenos Aires to Montana, but after spending a month in the altiplano at 10,000 feet above sea level waiting for our truck to be repaired we did a lot of soul searching about our trip and decided to a) get rid of the camper trailer so we could have more freedom and flexibility in our explorations, and b) take it a little slower and visit friends along the way. Up until that point we were pretty much rushing through Argentina and Chile, spending 1-3 days in each location and were feeling really road-worn.

It was actually Lorraine Chittock – a fellow former and future overland traveler who we visited on the Chilean coast...

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Border Crossing: Mendoza to Chile

Wait time at border: approx. 3 hours

Paperwork Needed:

–       Passports

–       Certified copies of our kids’ birth certificates

–       Car Registration (in one of our names)

–       Camper trailer registration (in one of our names)

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A view from the top as we stop near the border with our camper in tow

Crossing the Andes mountain range – the second tallest in the world – is nothing to take lightly. But crossing the Andes with a one ton camper trailer pulled by a 4-cylinder truck from the 90’s complete with two screaming active toddlers could be thought of by some as downright mad.

Which is exactly how I would characterize the first border crossing of our big overland trip from Buenos Aires to Montana...

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