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Seven Reasons Why Colombia Should be Your Next Family Vacation Destination

7 reasons why colombia should be your next family vacation destination

Fulfilling a crazy dream we’ve had since we were first married, my husband and I – and our two little ones – have taken a year off to drive the Americas from Argentina to the US, and we recently spent a month exploring Colombia. This was one of the countries that we had the most fear about visiting, as we were nervous about driving through areas under control of armed rebel groups. These fears quickly faded away as we found the country – from it’s landscapes to it’s people – to be warm and inviting, and a great place to visit with our young children. In fact, I’d recommend Colombia as a great vacation option for families looking for a new place to travel. What makes Colombia such a great option for families?  

1. Colombians Love Kids: In our travels through Colombia with our two toddle...

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Colombia the Beautiful and Perilous: Driving the FARC Route

colombia death road putumayo ruta 10

What comes to your mind when you think of driving through the jungles of Colombia?  If you’re from the US you probably think of cocaine fields and armed rebel groups and wonder at the sanity of a family of four with two small children who dare to undertake a drive through the “zona roja” of Putumayo – an area deemed under control of the FARC.

Ford Ranger driving road from Pasto to Mocoa Colombia through FARC territoryPutumayo

At the level of the clouds we find a pullout in the road and stop for a pee break

The route in question is a 60-mile stretch of sometimes one-lane dirt road between Pasto and Mocoa that winds precariously along muddy steep mountains with drops of 3,000 feet straight down...

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