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Cahuita, Costa Rica: A Great Place to be a Sloth

beach at cahuita national park costa rica

After a month in Panama, we were excited to get to Costa Rica, the land of plentiful wildlife, tropical fruits, beautiful beaches, and “pure vida” or “pure life” – which from what I can tell is the Costa Rican equivalent of “Aloha.” A couple from Spain with a little girl Coco’s age that we had met in Bocas del Toro recommended we check out Cahuita – just an hour over the border – as it was beautiful and quiet; great for families. Someone else later told us it might be “too quiet” and we should stay in Puerto Viejo instead. So we decided to have lunch in Puerto Viejo after crossing the border to feel it out, then head to Cahuita.

costa rica border crossing sixaola

So nice that they wash your car before crossing the border!

Crossing the Border

Much to my dismay, our first impression of Costa Rica left us feeling very negativ...

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