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7 Alternative Christmas Trees for a Green Christmas


So you gave to Greenpeace this year… but what are using for your Christmas Tree?

Maybe you spend your entire year painstakingly recycling every piece of paper, plastic, aluminum, or tin piece of material you come in contact with even if it means shoving it in your purse until you find a recycling bin. But then comes the end of the year and you find yourself throwing all your green sensibilities out the window for the sake of our most beloved tradition – the yearly Christmas tree. Perhaps you hold dear those childhood memories of trudging through a snowy tree farm with your dad in search of that perfectly-shaped tree, and standing dutifully by as he sawed it down and drug it to the car. Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without a real pine tree in the living room!

Unfortunately, with ...

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9 Reasons We Picked an Electric Bicycle to Break a World Record


9 Razones para Elegir una Bicicleta Eléctrica para Romper un Récord Mundial [Español al Final]


(Tomas rides his home-built electric bicycle through the Anza Borrego desert)

Everyone has a bicycle – in fact, learning to ride a bike is an important rite of passage for the kindergarten set around the world. But if you go for a drive in any average town in the US, how many bicycles do you see out there? Or even pedestrians for that matter? Americans are stuck in their cars, and it seems like we can’t get out of them – and it’s killing us. Modern Americans have never been fatter: in fact, obesity has climbed to 36% of the total population, up from just 15% in 1980. Recent research has found that obesity is more dangerous to your health than smoking, drinking, and poverty...

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