Introducing The World Record Family!

One Family, ANOTHER Dream: To Break a World Record

We just couldn’t leave well enough alone… couldn’t quite find it in us to get back into the rat race after our yearlong road trip across the Americas. So we decided to do something even bigger – attempt to break the world record for the longest electric bicycle trip! The current record is held by a Canadian who biked over 4,000 miles across Canada. So we’re going to up the ante and traverse over 6,000 miles of scenic and historic landscapes in the Continental US. Our route will take us from Montana to Maine, then south to Florida. But winter is coming, so we need to get this show on the road!


Why electric bicycles?

Well, in truth we are hippies at heart, and would love to see more people get out of their cars, not only to reduce pollution, but to improve our health and foster community connection. Tomas has built several e-bikes himself in the past, and will build two e-bikes for this trip with pieces and parts donated, salvaged, and shipped from China. While Tomas will be manning the pedals, Dylan will be driving the support vehicle – our new van – with the kids. Our van will also double as our home for the next six months as we tackle this monumental challenge!


Making the Documentary

Along with our passion for photography, we can’t seem to do anything without filming it, and have produced several YouTube shorts with over 50,000 views such as our famous tractor video. In fact, we have weeks worth of footage from our trip driving the Americas that someday we plan on producing more videos from. But that will have to wait! Right now we want to bring our followers right into the drivers (and bikers) seat on this trip so you can see what it’s really like to travel day in and day out as a family, and how we achieve outrageous things together.


The Kickstarter Campaign

This world record ride and documentary aren’t’ just about us. One of the most fulfilling things about our previous trip was connecting with our readers and followers, who gave us advice, inspired us to keep going, and begged us for more. That’s why we want to make this movie – for you. But we need your help to do it! Good quality cameras and microphones are not cheap, and neither are the hardware and software we’ll need to store and edit the footage. While we’ll be funding our day-to-day costs on our own, we’ll need the financial support of our community to make the documentary a reality.

So here’s where we do it…we ask you to please support our campaign on Kickstarter.

And if you can’t – we understand. We’ve been there too. But you can still help: share our story and campaign with your friends.

Thank you with all our heart from Camper Clan, and we can’t wait to burn some rubber!




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