New Venture: We’re Publishers!


What happened to Camper Clan? Did we go awol? I know it seems like we dropped off the planet, but in truth, we are germinating our projects. The movie is in progress, the Guinness application is in progress, and we have started a new venture: book publishing!

What??? Where did this come from? Well, it turns out Dylan’s mom is a very gifted writer who – like many talented people – works in seclusion, piling up story after story. A few years ago she made a feeble attempt at submitting to a few publishing houses with no takers. But like J.K. Rowling and many before her, you must never give up. We believe in these stories, and it’s time for them┬áto take lift into the world! So we are helping her with all aspects of publishing her 5-book series, The Black Bead Chronicles. The first story – Black Bead – is a mesmerizing page-turner that you may end up devouring in one sitting.

We invite everyone to visit J.D. Lakey online, and download the e-book or order a paper copy here.

Please let us know your thoughts, and leave a review on Amazon if you like the books!



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