Our New Digs


When we first started telling friends and family about our idea return to the U.S. driving and that we’d be doing it with a small camper trailer, many couldn’t fathom how we’d survive living in 75 square feet with our little family of four. Even the smallest houses and flats¬†available for modern-day living –¬†which are ideal for singles or couples – start at 90 square feet. The truth is, I’m not sure how this is going to go either, especially given that our little Coco still takes 1-2 naps a day. But I like to think of our new living situation as a step up from tent camping, so our living room is going to be the outdoors!

In reality, we have all the basic necessities covered. There are two bunk beds for the kids, a small bathroom with a toilet, a washbasin and shower, a kitchen area with a 2-burner stove and small sink, cabinet space for dishes and food, space for a small refrigerator and a toaster oven, and a master bed that converts into a dining table for four. Weather permitting though, we’ll be setting up our folding and chairs outside and enjoying our meals in the fresh air!

We’ll have an approximately 33 gallon water tank to use for our drinking water, bathing, and dishwashing, solar panels that will produce 300 watts of power on a sunny day, and 3 different power systems (110, 220, 12 volts). To wash our clothes we’ll have a 9 gallon bucket with a lid, and we’re hoping the movement of the car will do a great job cleaning our clothes as we travel. If not, it’s going to be a lot of hand washing little onesies and socks and that’s honestly what I’m dreading the most (we generate a LOT of dirty clothes between the four of us).

I recently came across some great camping tips here. Since these are mostly for camping, I’m hoping some of you can share some great RV camping tips! Especially any that pertain to kids!


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