Thanks to Our Kickstarter Supporters!


Thank You, Gracias, Merci Beaucoup, Obrigado!!!

We’ve been traveling like crazy trying to chip away at the miles towards breaking the world record for the longest e-bike ride, but we wanted to make sure we take a moment to thank everyone who believed in us enough to share our story or donate towards our Kickstarter campaign to fund the documentary we are filming.

As I type the below names, I am truly humbled that so many of you out there took the time, effort, or put down some hard-earned cash towards making the documentary happen – our hearts are truly thankful! We are finding that touring on an electric bicycle as a family is just as tough as on a traditional bike – you just go farther and have a ton of batteries to charge along the way! But we love our overland family adventure, and are learning how to streamline our days so we can maximize our efforts.

We especially want to thank the following supporters who helped make our campaign a success and our film possible. We love you!


Raquel Colomer

Matias Cortijo

Min-Liang Tan

Mark & Christ Lakey

Dean Drake

Ruben Cortijo

Matias Corbelle

Mike Dilmagani

Leandro Festino

Sumer Oritz

Grafista Bolivia

Shane Finneran

Steve Huot

Andrey Shelestov

Matt Parker

Daris & Liz Hunter-Drake

Joanne Lakey

Eric & Heidi a.k.a los primos

Grandma Peggy & Grandpa Chuck

Marco Benitez

Erique Tan

Emma Rogers

Carlos Cuesta

Laura Hartman Weedon

Pepe de la Torre

Gary Thornton

Andre Pereira

Sebastian Tristan

Andi Jacobs Landes

Alexis Wilmot de Festino

Theo Sanders

Jessica Neuman

Brenna Dorrance

Dan Lundmark

Rob Hall

Tiffany Reiblein

Guy Bouchard

James Burke

Micah Toll

Laura Grassi

Alicia Gonzalez Martinez

Romina Espinoza

Evan LaGasse

Ben Slavin

Kim Ryan

Alex Katz

Eric Pochat

Tim Brown

Mana Monzavi

Andrey Shelestov

Blickenstaff’s Traditions

Jen Hibbits

Emily Chamberlin Kattawar

Walter Costabel

Diego Salamone

Charlie Gonzalez

Medy Linsangan Encina

Rodrigo Sosa

Ezequiel Ignacio Cuesta

Daniel Alexis Dantino

Matt Parker

Allison LaGasse

Jason Kraft

Miriam  Edith Lemos

Xavier Naranjo

Lilian Nordland

Andy W. Shaw

Anna Nikolaeva

Darlene Akers

Reuben Salazar

Micha Mikailian

Anna Miller

Shauna Aiken


Kris Marley

Lemuela Christina Duskis

Linette Jackson-Trembly

Federico Procaccini

Ivan Kako

James Riordan

Adam Harteau


Coco Gonsalez

Maria Fincati

Martin Frankel

Fiddie Ramirez

Susan Matthews

Pablo Aranda Colomer

Soledad Cortijo




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